Bayview Deli Catering - NEVER GO to Bayview Deli in Babylon

Brooklyn, New York 1 comment
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Although the food was good, the guy there (joe) was such a ***!He was so RUDE and abnoxious.

He threw my food that I ordered in my face and rolled his eyes when i asked him for a napkin. I have no idea why he had such an attitude. I just ordered my food like anyone else would do- I didn't know what I wanted at first, so i took a little bit of time (maybe a minute)- but it wasn't like I was holding up a line: there was no one else there.

So I have no idea why this man was so RUDE -- he has a Big Stick Up his butt or something.I would never go here nor do I recommend anyone from going here.



Hey I just wanted to let you know that the deli is under new ownership and has been completely redone, staff (including myself) and all. I was also a dissatisfied local but now the place is back and so much better! Come and try it again and you won't be dissapointed.

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